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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the world's youngest and most dynamic countries. UAE has capitalized on its convenient location on the trade routes between Asia and Europe by building a fine tradition of being a good host and trade partner since time immemorial.  UAE has undergone a profound transformation from an impoverished region of small desert principalities to a modern state with high standard of living. Therefore; substantial opportunities for doing business arises in the UAE.
Dubai; the second largest Emirate in the UAE; has made it one of the world's leading trading and commercial centres. Regarding the unparalleled variety in Dubai offerings to both its business travellers and visiting tourists; it becomes soon very obvious that Dubai is one of the world’s top locations with regards to business, lifestyle, and entertainment.
These factors combined along with a strategic, accessible location, an excellent reliable infrastructure, and an extremely pleasant and safe working environment; promise well for future investment, certainly, a feasible venue to premier exhibitions that attract exhibitors and trade visitors a like from around the world.